Love for the Anonymous

Poverty is one of the major problems in the Philippines. Millions of Filipinos are being left behind by our own government. Many struggle with their everyday living, and beg for their own future. Everyone encounters poverty; from simple matters to the unthinkable ones. It chooses no gender, age or race; it is an inevitable fact that could happen to anyone.

There are still a lot of informal settlers in and outside Metro Manila that cause chaos and riot when their place is going to be demolished. These people are usually from the urban places in the Philippines, and most of them have that mentality that they're going to have a better life if they come to Metro Manila. Some succeed, some don't. One must strive hard to earn a living and to avoid the state of poverty; may you be a 4-year course graduate, high school graduate, call center agent, street vendor, machinist, electrician, manicurist, waiter, etc., you wouldn't want your children, grandchildren, and next generation experience living the tough way.


We usually go to Quiapo thrice a month to buy stocks for our food business. There are homeless families sleeping on the sidewalks; some are lucky enough if they have a "kariton"; pregnant women, new born child, naked children and restless old people.

There was a time when we were in queue and I saw two kids cheerfully playing. There was a 2-year old girl wearing a big sando and a 6-year old boy wearing trousers. While playing, the girl accidentally tripped over an unseen hole and bumped her head on the concrete. The mother got mad and yelled at the boy as if it was his fault. The mother pinched the little boy's ear, another girl came and hit the boy on the head, and another one, and another one. I got really furious because it was an accident and they should be looking out for their children, not expecting a 6-year old kid watch a 2-year old kid. Children are supposed to have fun - they're supposed to enjoy these things while it lasts. Now if this family is having difficulty in watching over their kids, then maybe they should stop making them. Instead of making kids, they could make money. With this, I'm hoping with all my heart that they won't ask these kids to beg for alms. I'm hoping they start working their ass off and finding a better place for their children to have a safe place to play at. A 6-year old kid is not stupid, but (s)he is not yet responsible. Responsibility should be taught at an early age, but hurting your child for something (s)he did not do is not right. If I didn't have a dozen of stocks in my hands, I'd grab my phone and report these people.

Okay, so I admit I may be overreacting. But I know you'll understand. I don't have my own child yet, but I have a sister, a 4-year old baby girl. I know I have my bad days, and these days may lead to me being a little harsh on her, but never bad. I have my own ways of disciplining her, and hurting her for something she's not aware of, something she didn't do, and something that is an accident is never going to happen.

Message to these parents:

Your children, though they come unplanned, are God's gift to you. Regardless of your religion, they are your kids. Your responsibility is to take care of them: give them shelter, food, education, and most of all, love. If you can't love your kids the way they should be loved, might as well give them to people who are desperate to have one but didn't get blessed to have one.


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