"New York - concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There's nothing you can't do now you're in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new; the lights will inspire you."

Most New York tourists would quote this song since it's one of the most famous New York City songs. After having been to New York myself, I couldn't help but quote the song too. It was a surreal moment, really. We all know that the city that never sleeps have been used in a gazillion movies and I am so blessed to see and understand why. The lights have really inspired me.

Where to stay?

Some people I know usually stay with their relatives, because hotels in the city are kind of expensive. If you are looking for a budget hotel, I would recommend the Comfort Inn. We stayed there for 4d/5n, and basically just to sleep or rest after touring around the city. It is located at the West side of Manhattan, New York City, and a few-minute walk to Central Park and to 2 subway stations. There are other branches of Comfort Inn in New York City, but each branch have different rates. The closer you are to the tourist spots, the more it will cost you.

Comfort Inn Central Park West

31 W 71st St
New York, NY, United States
+1 212-721-4770

Comfort Inn Times Square South Area

305 W 39th St
New York, NY, United States
+1 212-268-3040

Comfort Inn Lower East Side

136 Ludlow St
New York, NY, United States
+1 212-260-4141

How to start your tour?

1. Make yourself your own tour guide

It is always fun to just be free, walk around the city at your own time, and taking lots of good pictures without the time pressure. The fact that you get to experience walking in New York City is awesome, simply because IT IS NEW YORK, BABY! Just by observing how fast the New Yorkers walk like everybody's in such a rush is basically food for the soul. Seeing them ride a bike or subway to their offices wearing  suit and tie will awe you. Yes, it came in a bit shocking to me because I never ever seen one here.

Don't worry about the city and subway map. They are free at the airport, and most likely than not, they also come in free at the hotel you are staying at.  It is fun to walk around unfamiliar places and discover new things. Don't worry about getting lost in the big city. Don't be scared to ask the locals for directions; they know better.

2. Avail a Walking Tour

There are a lot of tours New York has to offer. You just have to choose if you'd rather walk or ride a bus. If you choose to join a walking tour, it is for free. The Sandemans New Your tour offers a 2 1/2 free tour and starts every day at 11 am. You just have to meet the tour guide in front of THE MUSUEM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN.

This tour covers: Wall street, 9/11 Memorial, Broadway, New York Stock Exchange, Broadway, Battery Park, Trinity Church, Federal Hall, Bowling Green, Trump Building (40 Wall Street), Woodworth Building, St. Paul's Chapel, Musueam of the American Indian, and much more. Since the tour is for free, I guess they deserve a tip. Tipping is customary.

They also have MIDTOWN TOUR that starts also every day at 3 pm for $20. Meet your tour guide in front of the clock in GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL MAIN CONCOURSE. It is also a 2 1/2 walking tour that covers Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Broadway, The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, The Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, St. Patrick's Cathedral, 42nd Street, Prohibition-era Speakeasies, Bryant Park, New York Public Library, Shubery Alley, and more.

For more information about this tour, kindly visit their website at

3. Ride a Hop-off Hop-on Sightseeing Bus

When we arrived in New York City we were actually clueless on how we are going to start to explore the city. The front desk at our hotel suggested to try the hop-off hop-on sightseeing bus to surely see everything. There are of course hop-off hop-on sightseeing bus companies in New York such as City Sightseeing New YorkCity Sights NY, and Big Bus New York.

We availed the 2 Day all loops package of BIG BUS B Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing for $59. It is way cheaper than the other tour buses. It is a 2 decker bus, and the upper level is open - meaning no roof. I must suggest that you sit on the upper level to see the beauty of the big city, and for you take good pictures. This tour includes the Downtown Loop, Uptown Loop, Brooklyn Tour, Night Tour. It also comes with a free sightseeing cruise to Statue of Liberty, and one hour Bike Rental around the city. I must say the tour was really worth it.

There is no particular meeting place. Just go to any bus stop that has a "BIG BUS" on it, or go to M&M's World Stop at 7th Ave & W 48th St. 

Downtown Loop (8 am start time to 5 pm last departure): M&M's World Stop, Times Square 42nd, Empire State Building, Korea Town, Flat Iron District, Union Square, Greenwich Village/NYU, Noho, Soho/Little Italy, Chinatown, World Trade Center/City Hall, Battery Park - State Street, Battery Park - Battery Place, High Line, and Madison Square Garden/Penn Station

Uptown Loop (8:50 am start time to 5:10 last departure): M&M's World stop, Times Square 42nd, Rockefeller Center, Central Park & Colombus Circle, Lincoln Center Plaza, Dakota/Strawberries Fields, American Musuem of Natural History, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Grant's Tomb/Riverside Church, Apollo Theatre/Harlem, Museum of the City of New York, The Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frick Museum, Central Park Zoo, and Central Park South.

Brooklyn Tour (Departure times: 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm): Meeting place is at the bus stop near the New York City Hall. It is at the right side if you are facing the City Hall.

It is a non-stop ride when touring around in Brooklyn. It will only stop at two places: the World Trade Center/City Hall and Prospect Park & Zoo. And if you wish to go back to Times Square after this tour, take the Downtown Loop bus.

Night tour (Departure times is every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 8:30 pm): Meeting place is at the M&M's World Stop

Where/What to eat?

I am kind of disappointed myself because I wasn't able to go food tripping. But, I might as well share the food I ate, and supposed to eat.


CO's Pizza

Well, who wouldn't think of Pizza if you are in New York. You must definitely eat one while you are in the big city! We actually had our pizza at Big Nicks, but when I searched it on google, it was closed already :(

Where to try:

230 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10001

Di Fara Pizza
1424 Ave. J
Brooklyn, NY 11230 

Don Antonio by Starita
309 W. 50th St.
New York, NY 10019



I guarantee you that the best cheese cake is in New York. You can buy your yummy cheesecake at the Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Desserts at Brooklyn, NYC.  It is too delicious that even President Barack Obama bought 2 cheescakes by himself (but of course with bodyguards) - one plain and one strawberry

Where to try:
Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Desserts

386 Flatbush Avenue EXT
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Restaurant, Lower Level, Dining Concourse

West 4th St. between Broadway and 8th Ave


Burger Joint

I love burger. This is one of my comfort foods. Everybody loves burger, who would not, right? Those juicy fat patty, melted cheese, just-right-toasted buns, fresh lettuce, and so much more! Does these make you hungry now?

Where to try:
Burger Joint
Le Parker Meridien
119 West 56th St

Greenwich Village
33 West 8th Street

Shake Shack
Southeast Cor of Madison Square Park 
near Madison Ave and E 23 St

49 Grand Central Terminal
Lower Level Dining Concourse

They have lots of branches not only in New York City. 
Check their website for more information. 


Shake Shack

You can grab one along the streets of New York - The food trucks. They are cheap, and delicious. It will just cost you $1. 

Where to try:
Shake Shack
They have mulitple location in NYC. Check their website.

Gray's Papaya
2090 Broadway, New York

Papaya King
179 East 86th Street
New York, NY 10028


Black Seed Bagels

Fresh and healthy! Everybody's choice for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner!

Where to try:

Black Seed Bagels
170 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012

Absolute Bagels
2788 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, United States

Someday, I would go back to this Big City, and try all of these, and explore more. 5 days is not enough, I know.

Thank You!



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