Shibuya Crossing, Japan

Hi! I'm Monica Clarice, but people close to my heart call me Nika. I'm 24 years old. I am a Marketing Management graduate student from Miriam College, and currently taking a leap of faith for being an Engineering student. 

I love to travel and always seek for an adventure. Traveling gives me that feeling of thrill that I don't experience with other thing. I love discovering the history of a certain place, its culture, and everything about it. The experiences that I gain from traveling are different from the books I've read; traveling gives you a different perspective of life. I'm hoping that before I reach my final momentum in life, I've traveled the world. Else, I've traveled the places I've always wished for. 

This blog will be composed of my travels and adventures, and probably emotions I'd want to blurt out.

See the world as you want to see it. Enjoy life while you have the strength to wander and get lost. 

Cheers to more adventures!


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