PHILIPPINES: When in Guimaras 2015

Guimaras is famous for the export-quality sweet mangoes, its fine white sand at Alubihod, the picturesque view at the beach, and the Guisi Lighthouse.   

How to get there?

 ->From Manila to Guimaras
Book a direct flight to Ilo-Ilo, take a jeep or taxi going to Ortiz Wharf, then ride a 15-minute boat ride going to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras.

In our case, we traveled from Bacolod since we planned to visit 3 cities: Bacolod, Guimaras, and Ilo-Ilo. During our first day in Bacolod, we went to 2go SM Bacolod branch to get our ferry tickets going to Ilo-Ilo.

Expenses (each):
SuperCat 2g0 (Bacolod-IloIlo) : P250.00
Ortiz Wharf (IloIlo-Guimaras): P 14.00

Reminder: If you are going for a day tour, check the time of the last boat ride.

Where to stay?
We went for a day tour at Guimaras, but there are resorts where you can stay overnight. Raymen Beach Resort is a popular resort in Guimaras, and I surely recommend this place. It is located at Alubihod, Nueva Valencia. Entrance Fee for day tour: P25.00



Ave Maria Islet

Every where we go, we always fight over small stupid things. That was me on the left being scolded by the man beside me, because I was too clingy while taking pictures. HAHA!

Baras Cave

Lamurawan Beach

The best place to take photos of the islands in Guimaras.


I love swimming without wearing any vest on especially when snorkelling. Honestly, I really don't know how to swim - floating and dog paddling is what I do best. Haha. Before jumping off the boat, I ALWAYS ask, "Manong, may pating ba dito?". I enjoy watching fishes, but I always thought of 'What if suddenly there's a shark?'  'What would I do?' All I know is dog paddling. That's why I always stay near the boat, or if I decided to stay away from the boat, I ALWAYS make sure to have someone swim with me. Then again, if I go farther from the boat with someone who also doesn't know how to swim (like my boyfriend, Allen), then the sharks would be happy to have an extra piece for dinner! Haha!

There's a travel information office at the port which can help you with your itinerary and also in renting a tricycle. The standard rent is P1,200-P1,500, depending on the places you are going. We paid P 1,200 for the tricycle to help us go around the city. He also waited us at the Raymen Beach resort after the island tour.

Smallest Plaza

This was our first stop before heading to the beach, since it is on the way. This was once the smallest plaza in the world according to Guiness World Book  of Record.

Guisi Lighthouse

Entrance Fee
Child: P5
Adult: P10
Closed @ 5 pm

San Lorenzo Windmills

There are more than 25 windmills in the town of San Lorenzo. You just have to find a perfect place to capture nice photos. We went to 2 good places before the sun goes down. This was our last stop before heading to Jordan Wharf, and then back to Ilo-Ilo.

Other places to visit:

-Provincial Capitol of Guimaras
-Museo de Guimaras
-Trappist Monastery
All photos are owned by the writer and owner of this blog.
© Monica Peralta


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