Who wouldn't know about this place and wouldn't dreamt of going here? 
New York City has been a place where most movies are filmed.
When I went there, most of the places gave me flashback of some of my favorite movies.

Here is my personal top favorite places in NYC. 


Rockefeller is known for being one of the tallest buildings in New York which also offers a nice view of the city. During the Winter Season, a lot of people go here to ice skate. If you are an art lover, this a must-visit spot for you. There are lots of artworks displayed in the building. I remember seeing their chandelier and realizing it's actually Swarovski crystals. Yes, yes they're Swarovski.


Lights, big billboards, crowd, the NYE ball drop, famous expensive shops, pizza, cheesecake, hotdogs, and burgers are few of the things that you will see in Times Square. These were the things that make me believe, YES, I am finally in the Big Apple.


 New Yorkers are proud of Central Park because in a concrete city they have maintained the greenness of the park. It is a place where you can see everybody - joggers, cyclists, families, couples in picnics, oldies reading the newspaper on the bench, and even dogs stroll in this park.

It would be nice to spend a couple of days in New York exploring just Central Park. Besides, you will feel safe roaming around even when you are around because there are patrols everywhere.

There are pedicabs or bikes for rent so you can see the whole park (because it IS too big).


Everybody in the English speaking world knows the Empire State Building. We all know it not just because of Alicia Keys' song, but because it offers its top floor as a deck where you can see the whole of New York. Believe me, these city lights will really make you feel brand new. For some reason, you will understand why it's been named the City that Never Sleeps. I don't think it ever does sleep.

The viewing deck is open the whole day, but I recommend you to visit at night for you to be able to see the lights. Blue skies and clouds are okay, but the magic of the lights are amazing.


 We took a cruise around so we could have a better view of the famous NY Skylne. This photo doesn't even give justice to the beauty of the view.

 New York will not be "New York" without this famous lady holding that torch. I am very grateful to have witnessed this statue that has been there for over a century. In case you don't know, it was a gift from the people of France as declaration of their independence.

To date, the security of the place has been heightened due to a lot of things happening around. You have to book your tour prior to your visit so you can go inside.

6. 9/11 MEMORIAL 

I do not need to elaborate on the memorial because it leaves at a very emotional state. There is a place where they play a record of a conversation a flight attendant and a terrorist inside the plane. You can hear the screams of the people. You can also see baby clothes. It is very painful to see and hear. Then again, we should never forget to pray for the souls the people NY has lost during the tragic event.


 Remember when Justin Timberlake finally admitted he was in love with Mila Kunis in the movie Friends With Benefits? Yes, I'm sure you do. I'm also sure you know this station from other movies.

Grand Central is the first major train station in America. Being the first, it's also the busiest station in the city. The station is closed at 2:00AM - 5:30AM.

Personally, I like Grand Central for the architecture - the high ceiling is AMAZING. It is also famous for the clock in the middle of the station. You can see that clock in most movies. 

8.  MACY'S 

Macy's is famous in a lot of states, but the first branch was established in New York. This branch has been up for 157 years already. Talk about makeup, huh. Yes! Yes to makeup, clothes, watches, bags, and other things your heart desires whenever you go shopping. I, personally, decided to buy my friends their pasalubongs from Macy's because of the friendly prices. We got lucky that we shopped at Macy's on sale.

All photos are owned by the writer and owner of this blog.
© Monica Peralta


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