ASIA: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is known for the temples in Angkor, and according to UNESCO, it is considered as one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia. The Angkor Wat Temple is one of the iconic tourist destinations in Cambodia. This scenic view will definitely astonish you especially during sunrise and sunset. Siem Reap has a lot of ancient sites that will surely love by the tourists who are into history and culture.

Cambodia is one of the most visited countries in Asia last year. I have friends who have been there last year, and seeing their pictures makes me want to be there too! I've been wanting to go to Cambodia since 2013, but the tickets were too hell of expensive. Honestly, I couldn't afford a 16k roundtrip ticket. The only possible way is to book a flight during seat sales - which I usually do. Since, it was an in-demand tourist destination last year, we finished our booking for 4 months. Some of us booked a much cheaper flight; the expensive ticket we booked was P7,374.19

Each of us prepared at least P10,000 pocket money. But we only spent half of it, I swear! Everything is cheap in Cambodia; a good meal cost us $1-$2 only. Locals and foreigns use US dollar over Cambodian Riel. 

How to go to Cambodia?

We booked our flight via Cebu Pacific (seat sale). I booked mine for only P 5,038.24 with an additional baggage allowance of 20 kilos (roundtrip ticket!). We were lucky to have booked our tickets waaaaay much cheaper, because regular one-way tickets cost around P10,000 or even higher. Much expensive than going to Hong Kong, I'd say!

So get your tickets to Cambodia only if it's ON SALE!

Where to stay? 

We stayed at King Boutique hotel, and it is near to everywhere. There are eateries and convenient stores near the hotel, and Pub Street is just 10-15 min walk.

Booked a hotel for 4d/3n
Deluxe Double Bed (2 pax) - P 2,944.05!!
Deluxe Twin Bed (4 pax) - P 2,738.64!!

The room is big and comfortable to stay at, the internet is fast too, and they also have a swimming pool!! Would love to stay again at this hotel!

Getting around in Cambodia

We are 6 in a group, and it is hard to travel in groups. Also, we are visiting a country with so much history, we also want to learn everything about it! The group opted to get a travel tour guide. We are fortunate to have found the best tour guide in Cambodia, Ratanak Eath. The tour is $110 each person for a private tour of 6 pax. The whole tour is inclusive of English tour guide, transportation (A/C Van, cold drinks), entrance fee to all temples and Phnom Kulen.
Pick up and Drop off at the airport is not included though.

Ratanak Eath is an English speaking tour guide, very informative, and funny as well. He was also our photographer, and I must say he takes great photos because he is actually a professional photographer. If you are going to Cambodia I highly recommend Ratanak to tour you around in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Facebook page 

3D/2N ITINERARY by Ratanak Eath
Day 1:
08:30 am - small circuit tour
start the tour after breakfast then visit Ta Prohm, Ta keo, Angkor Thom complex with Bayon, and finish tour at Angkor Wat.

Day 2:
05:00 am
start early to catch sunrise over Angkor Wat, long drive to Banteay Srey (most beautiful temple), and uphill to waterfall of Phnom Kulen.

Day 3: 
08:30 am - grand circuit tour
after breakfast visit Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, and do city tour, shopping around the Old Market and Artisan D'Angkor.

Angkor Guide
Yellow Line - Grand Circuit
Red Line - Small Circuit

Before entering the Angkor, a pass will be needed. The ticket fee is already included in our tour fee which is $40.00

Places to visit in Siem Reap, Cambodia

1. Ta Prohm

2. Ta Keo

3. Angkor Thom Complex with Bayon

4. Sunset at Angkor Wat
5. Sunrise at Angkot Wat

6. Banteay Srey

7. Phnom Kulen

8. Preah Khan

9. Neak Pean

10. Last night at Pub Street! 

All photos are owned by the writer and owner of this blog.
© Monica Peralta


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