PHILIPPINES: When in Ilo-Ilo 2015

Ilo-Ilo City is known as "The City of Love". Ilo-Ilo city is also the home of La Paz Batchoy, know for fresh seafods and old churches. 

How to get to Ilo-Ilo City?

->Manila to Ilo-Ilo
Book a direct flight to Ilo-Ilo City
->Bacolod to Ilo-Ilo
Ferry via SuperCat 2go

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Where to stay?

Go hotels ph all the way! I highly recommend this hotel if you want to travel on a tight budget, but want to stay in a clean and comfortable room. We stayed here for 3d/2n, and paid P 2087.68 only. 

Where to eat?
1. Lapaz Public Market

The original La Paz Batchoy

            Food hunting at Lapaz Public Market. Inside is the famous Netong's La Paz Batchoy,
and Madge Cafe.

It was literally a maze going inside the market as we search for Netong's. I just couldn't wait to sit and eat my La Paz Batchoy. Thanks to the locals in the market for helping us to find this place. Netong's is a casual dining type of restaurant that has a short list on their menu but will definitely fill your stomach with great food. Allen and I both ordered batchoy, and puto as our side dish.
La Paz Batchoy is a classic and popular savory Ilo-Ilo dish. Netong's have been serving this dish for years, and this is the most delicious batchoy I've ever tasted. No bola. How could I not love it? It is very delicious, very generous on ingredients, and it is topped with crispy chicharon! It really satiates my hunger and cravings. 

Madge Cafe

After Netong's, we went to Madge Cafe which is also a famous coffee shop in Ilo-Ilo City. They make their coffee the old way. I was very intrigued on how he makes one, so I watched him and actually enjoyed as he makes coffee while waiting for our orders.

The Iced Coffee we ordered was just perfect for the feverous weather in Ilo-Ilo City.

Places we visited in Ilo-Ilo City
1. Jaro Bell Tower

2.  Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria Church (Jaro Church)

3. Museo de Ilo-Ilo

4. The Nelly Garden

We also visited other churches that are 1hr away from the downtown area of Ilo-Ilo. That was our last day, and we had to squeeze in our itinerary before we headed back to Manila. We rented a cab for P2,000 to go to Miag-ao Church which is actually the famous church in Ilo-Ilo. The cab aslo dropped us at the airport. 

5. Guimbal Town

6. San Joaquin Cemetery
I know it is kinda freaky that we went here. But, the place is so "photogenic". Kinda creepy to enter this place, but for the sake of taking a good shot I must stay a bit longer.

7. Miag-ao Church

Find me, 'cause my boyfriend knows how to take pictures. HAHAHA! Just kidding :D
The artistic facade of the Miagao Church is decorated with a relief sculpture of St. Christopher carrying the Christ child amidst coconut, papaya and guava shrubs. Like any other foreign influences, the architecture of many colonial churches has undergone the process of indigenization. This process is carried out by incorporating the prevailing Hispano-American and Medieval Spanish architecture with local as well as Muslim and Chinese touches. Thus, the synthesized topology which is anachronistic with the unmindful sues of decorative elements. It had no distinction in terms of periods or orders. A truly ‘Philippine Church’, it exudes a native touch.

Where to buy Pasalubongs?
1. Biscocho Haus

Ilo-Ilo is also known for their yummy delicacies such as Biscocho, Piaya, and Butterscotch bars. If you have an extra time before going to the airport, you can drop by their store, and buy something to bring back home. It is also near the airport.

2. Merci 

They also sell a vast variety of delicacies to choose from. They also have the one I mentioned in #1. This is located inside the airport. 

All photos are owned by the writer and owner of this blog.
© Monica Peralta


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