PHILIPPINES: When in Bacolod 2015

Bacolod City is known for "The City of Smiles". It is also the capital province of Negros Occidental. 

How to get there?

We booked our flight during seat sale of Cebu Pacific. If some are impulsive shoppers, I consider myself as an impulsive flight booker. We got it all-in for each of us at P 2,730.52 with additional baggage allowance of 20 kilos.  I booked a multi-city trip, entering at Bacolod city and exiting at Ilo-ilo City.

Where to stay?
We stayed 2d/1n at Go hotel ph. It is a less expensive hotel, comfortable place to stay at, great location for transportation, and located beside Robinson's Mall. We only paid for P 1043.84 for 1 night.


1. The Provincial Capitol of Bacolod City

Since, we arrived early, we had a lot of time to spare before checking in at the hotel. From SM Bacolod, we rented a tricycle to bring us here, to San Sebastian Church, to Pope John Paul II tower, and to the hotel. We paid for P200. Haha. I don't know if that's too much or what. Good thing mabait si Manong. Hehe.

2. San Sebastian Cathedral


Admission Fee:
Student - P 10
Adult - P 20


It was almost sunset when we arrived because we overslept. Thanks to my boyfriend who's a sleepyhead and pretty much didn't mind leaving later than planned. HAHA! There is an entrance fee of P 95 each. 

I am happy to say that it met my expectations. Not everything we see on the internet is beautiful or jaw-dropping in person/reality. This one is an exemption! The place is chill, clean, and well-maintained. It is a nice place to take heaps of pictures, just like what we did. Hihi. Couple shots, na nakaka-kilig. Yes, I got to force my boyfriend to do it with me. HAHA! We also asked someone to take a photo of our awkward-na-pa-cute-and-pa-lambing pose. 

We stayed there until after sunset, waited for the lights to light up. Oh my gosh! Better with the lights on, baby! I could chill there the whole night. 


1. Manokan Country

This is the authentic chicken inasal! Before Mang Inasal, you have Manokan Country. It is located near SM Bacolod. There are actually lots of restaurants here in Manokan Country, and yet, we chose Aida's restaurant because it was recommended by a friend. This is only an eighty peso meal, and I swear, it is delicious most especially if you don't use utensils! Eating with bare hands is easier and better because by then you won't miss out on any part of the chicken. Sulit!

2. Pala pala seafood market

Arrived at the hotel from the Ruins, hungry and zombie-ish. We decided to go to Pala pala market to buy fresh seafoods and have it cooked. It is  a 15-minute jeepney ride, and 10 minutes walk going to Pala pala seafood market. My boyfriend looked so grumpy in the photo as he chooses which seafoodsto buy, but deep inside he is enjoying because he loves seafood especially squid and shrimp! Haha! I let him do the buying because honestly, I don't know how to check the fresh ones.  

After buying fish, squids, and shrimps, we had it cooked at Aleah's. We have here sinigang na isda, garlic butter shrimp, and sisig na pusit. There are also other restaurants to choose from. We paid an extra amount for them to cook our food. You can choose if you want it grilled, fried, buttered, or whatever you want. 

 3. Calea

Calea is one of the famous pastry shops in Bacolod. Lucky for us that the nearest branch is near the hotel - Robinson's mall. They have a vast variety of cakes and drinks to choose from. We weren't able to stay longer because we decided to have a side trip going to Silay City.

Side trip to Silay City (Optional)
We took Vallacar Transit (yellow non-air bus) from Bacolod to Silay City for P15 one-way. It is just a 30-40 min bus ride.

Places we have visited:
  • San Diego de Alcala 
  • Balay Negrense
  • M. Holifena Heritage House 
  • Bernardino Jalandoni House
All photos are owned by the writer and owner of this blog.
© Monica Peralta


  1. I am not being OA and being over supportive ha...but I wanna go to Bacolod :(((((((



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