Top 6 things to do on a plane

You are going to hear different stories from people who travel far destinations by air. I know some people who enjoy the long haul, and also some who go crazy and grumpy. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who go crazy and grumpy; and so I figured I'd share some tips on how to survive a long flight - just like our flight going to Toronto, Canada. 

In this case, I prepared my  "Carry-On Luggage" or as I call it, "My Survival Luggage". I brought everything that I could play with while on the plane to kill boredom, because I don't usually get to sleep on the plane. I envy those people who can doze off just to psychologically shorten the trip. 

So here's what I did 30,000 feet above the ground.


Listening to music helps you feel calm, relaxed, and eased during the long flight. Download as many as songs you want, cause you're definitely going to need it. I would also suggest to use SPOTIFY, since they have really good albums and playlists that you can download instantly. You just have to pay P129/month if you want to listen to your music offline. 


This is one of my favorite things to do on a plane. In this particular flight, I ended up watching 70% of the inflight movies on the plane including the non-english movies i.e, Chinese & Korean. I also suggest you load up your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or whatever gadget you have with different series and movies. Just do not forget to charge them beforehand - you don't want your shows to get cut off just cause you ran out of battery. A high-watt power bank could be of big help too.


I'm not much of a book reader in reality, but a 13-hour flight could convert me into one. I still wasn't able to finish the book I brought, but it helped me kill at least 45 mins of the whole flight. To the bookworms who are reading this entry, I'm sure you could relate to this. I'd also assume you could actually finish more than 3 books. It's advisable to read a book on the plane also because unlike car rides, you don't really feel the movement of the plane so you won't get dizzy as you read.


It may be on your phone, tablet or laptop. After watching a bunch of movies, I played on the inflight tv-monitor. I'm so glad airlines keep on innovating their planes to help their passengers enjoy and feel comfortable during the flight. 


Throughout my years of travelling by air, I've noticed how much plane food has improved. I remember hating plane food because they used to be very oily, tasteless, and you know, just being prepared "for the sake". For this particular trip, I admire how Korean Air chose a distributor that really knows how to make the food delicious, interesting, and satiating. Also, since this was a long flight, the flight attendants served snacks and drinks every once in a while.


Even if you own a Rolex and your watch is just a delight to look at, you should refrain from checking it when you are in the plane and you know you are gonna be there for more than 10 hours. There's nothing you can do about it anyway, so why do you need to remind yourself from time to time that you have 7 hours more to go? You're just reminding yourself of the agony of being seated for a long time.

Yup, those are the things I did to kill time. Although I would just like to add that there are no perfect flights. Even if you equip yourselves with things to do, there will always be something/someone that can ruin your flight. Say, a kid who keeps on playing with his tray table, and you're the unlucky person who's seated on the chair where his table is connected - things like that. Or maybe there would be a person who forgot to take a shower before his flight and he is seated next to you, or even in front of you. Or maybe a person who keeps on snoring so loud that even the pilots can hear it.

To sum this entry up, a long, lousy flight will all be worth it especially when you know in your heart that your destination is a place where your heart will be satisfied with memories and experiences.


  1. I heard okay daw ang Korean Air! How was your experience? :)

  2. Super okay! Galante sila sa food <3 And, masarap!

  3. I love this!!! I think a 13-hour flight could make me into a book reader too! Kaso... I'm one of those people naman who actually fall asleep. ALAM MO YAN. =)) Mahaba o maikli ang flight, borlogs. HAHAHA

    1. Haha Papunta pa lang ng Korea sarap na ng tulog mo. Kahit Bus Trip nga eh. I envy you buti ka pa! HAHAHA!

  4. Recommended this to Google, just because <3



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