TRIPOMATIC : You can make your own itinerary stress-free!

I am happy to have found this website on the internet while I am searching for destinations in New York. TRIPOMATIC helps you make your own itinerary. You just have to type the city you are going to, and all the main tourist spots and attractions will appear. It is really a great help in organizing your itinerary for your upcoming travels. 

First: Choose your destination.

For example, New York.  

Second: Select the date of your visit, or the date you wish to visit. 

Automatically, all the tourist spots and attractions will appear. By then, you will have an idea of the places that are closer to your hotel, and easier to go to.

Third: Select the places you wanted to go. 

TIP: Put them all on your DAY 1. So, you would know what are the tourist destinations that are near to each other.

Fourth: Regroup the places you have selected

Go to MENU, and click ITINERARY. 

This is why I suggested to put all your destinations on DAY 1. You can easily regroup the places depending on the number of days you are staying, and also to the places you are going to. You will know the places that are close to each other, and also to your hotel. At least, you will be less stressed, and end your confusion of "Malapit ba ito dito?", "Ano uunahin natin puntahan na malapit sa hotel?, "Hindi ba ito out of the way sa mga pupuntahan natin?". 

Here, I regrouped all the places that I've selected, and separated them from Day 1 to Day 5.  This will be our guide throughout our travel in New York.

Lastly: Generate your itinerary.

Click the TRIP MENU, and then choose whether you want to share or download it. You can download it and sync it to your phone or print it, or share it to your family and friends through social media. 

When you have downloaded the file, the address, contact numbers, admission fees, etc., are also included. In this case, you don't have to search on the internet all the details of your destinations. SO STRESS-FREE!

TRIPOMATIC is also available on your mobile phones. Get it on Google Play (Androids), Apple Store, and BlackBerry World for FREE! Enjoy!! 

Thank you!


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