Samal island is the nearest beach in Davao City. It is just one boat ride away from Davao. They also have white and fine sand just like Boracay! 

How to get to Samal Island?

From Manila:

Take a plane to Davao City and ride a taxi or jeep to the port/dock.
It actually depends on which resort you are going to. 
a. If you are going to Paradise Resort they have a dock where you can ride a boat for 15 pesos. 
b. If you are going to any of the resorts in Samal Island, you have to ride a ferry boat for 10 pesos

From Davao City Proper:

Ride a jeep in front of BPO Abreeza Mall to Sasa port for 8 pesos

If you don't know which resort you'll go to, just walk through the exit and go find the police station
You can ask for flyers and directions.
We actually went there to ask what the best resorts are in Samal Island. You can ask for the budget friendly ones, and so we decided to go to Paradise Island. 

We rode a tricycle to Samal Island. It is a 10 to 15-minute ride to the Paradise Island. Expect a bumpy and rocky road along the way!
We paid for 120 pesos

They have an entrance fee for 200 pesos
Entrance fee 150
Complimentary meal coupon 50

with the boyfriend <3

If you are for a day trip only, their last boat ride is until 5 pm. Too bad we weren't able to see the sunset from Samal Island. You can go directly to Paradise Island Resort. If you want to go, take a ride at the Paradise Island Dock. Next time, we'll do it that way,  riding a tricyle is way too expensive. It was a fun though.

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