It's good to be back!

HI! I am back on track after 2 years of not blogging. I actually have an old account but shame on me; I cant access it anymore  ( :( Obviously, I'm back to square one and as it is, I wish I could do a lot better on this new blog and share you some informative thoughts. 

Let me just give you a little flashback of my life. 

I've been busy looking for jobs after I graduated college and hell yeah it was hard. Time really flies fast; I had my first job at a bank, finally met a man who's worth fighting for, met new awesome friends, now working at a construction company, had an awesome charity birthday party, got a new dog and trying my best to travel the world. 

Maybe I could make this more of a travel blog or a blog where I could share all the fun adventures locally (Philippines) and internationally. I'm very excited to share a lot of my recent adventures and I hope my entries would contribute to your travel aspirations as well.


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