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After spending Christmas at home, we got the chance to celebrate the remaining days of 2014 with our relatives (mother's side) in Pangasinan. It was also my Ate Carla's wedding so we pretty much had all the reasons to go. We stayed there for 5 days, and it was really.....f u n.

Everybody is busy whenever there is a wedding. The preparation is really exhausting. They started to put up a tent made up of kawayan and covered it with trapal in front of the house, because the reception will be held there. The food will be cooked by the best cooks in town - the oldies. Some of our relatives also helped the oldies.  Walang tulugan preparation. They have to be awake for the night, that's why the music played all night long.

DECEMBER 28, 2014

DECEMBER 29, 2014

Not every trip is what you wish and expect to be. We were supposed to go to Hundred Islands. It is just a 20 minute drive from our house in Mabini, Pangasinan. Everything was settled. We already rented a boat the day before. We prepared everything. But there was one thing left unsure....the weather. The waves were so huge that no boat could pass through; even the large ones couldn't. We actually waited, hoping for some miracle to happen, but the coast guards suddenly cancelled all the pending trips to the islands.


So we decided to go to another beach. We went to Dasol, from Alaminos Pangasinan. It took us an hour and 30 minutes to get there. Ever since I was a kid, we always go there. Too bad I have only come to appreciate its beauty just now. Maybe because as I kid, I was only after the sea. It may not have that fine, white sand, nor the blue green clear sea, but it is still beautiful. I love the view of the palm trees from the sea, and the swirling clouds above it. 

There is no entrance fee, but you of course you have to rent a cottage which only costs 300 php.  The cottage is good for 6 to 8 pax. You can also grill some fishes, liempo, eggplants, or whatever you want for free. You just have to bring your coal and utensils.


  1. Pwede!!! Pag punta tayo sa Pangasinan. Kaso mabaho sa hair :(

  2. Pwede!!! Pag punta tayo sa Pangasinan. Kaso mabaho sa hair :(

    1. Maliligo tayo bago kumain. Hahaha! Pangarap ko talaga makapagluto sa ganyan!!



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