What's in my bag? : Travel Edition

In less than 2 weeks, my mother and I will go on a travel to Canada and USA. I can barely imagine the pain in the ass I'm going to feel but I'm pretty sure I won't enjoy it that much. So, in order for me to feel at ease during the long flight, I have to bring half of my things from home.

 P.S. Thank you po Ma'am Nica for  lending me your book :)

My mom bought this for me. Yes, I'm okay with it. I am really not after the style. I am after its durability and capability to hold  and secure all my belongings. This Swiss Gear bag has a padded laptop space that can fit laptops up to 15", a padded tablet pocket, organizer pocket, and a water bottle and sunglasses pocket. 

What's more lovely about this bag? UNLIMITED WARRANTY. If the zipper is broken, they will replace it ALL. 

I have to bring all my gadgets, since we are going to be away for almost a month. I only bring my laptop if my travel exceeds more than a week. I also fear that I would ran out of things to do in the airport and on the plane. 6 hours to Korea, and another 13 hours to Toronto, Canada. 

Of course, my DSLR and GoPro for pictures and videos. 

I have these 4 amazing pouches, which I am loving right now. These small pouches helps me organize my things. Whenever I'll need something, I'll know which of the pouches I shall pull from my bag. Easy and stress-free. 

1. Electronic Pouch
2. Makeup Kit
3. Instax and GoPro accessories
4. Toiletries

My Electronic Pouch contains all my chargers and usb cords. I was surprised that everything fits perfectly. With this pouch, you don't have to worry all the tangled cords inside your bag. 

What's inside? 
1. Phone's Charger
2. GoPro Dual Battery Charger (Ziplock)
3. GoPro USB Cord (Camera)
4. GoPro Remote USB Cord
5. Laptop's Charger
6. DSLR's Charger
7. Power bank's USB Cord
8. Earphones

I love bringing this Instax especially on my travels. Pose, Click, Flash...TADAAAA. Instant memory, indeed. 

Extra battery for GoPro is a must. Based on my experience, GoPro has a short battery life, even though I barely use the remote and its wifi. I'm still happy with it though :)

It is a good thing to have a connecting flight from Manila to Canada (Manila-Korea-Canada). I couldn't imagine myself riding a plane straight to the other side of the world. It is hard to freshen up in the lavatory of the plane. 

In bringing your toiletries, especially the liquids such as facial wash, contact lens solution, lotion, toothpase, they should be in a container not more than 100 ml.Then, place them inside your pouch or a plastic bag that is securely sealed.

Let me know what's in your bag when you travel! 

Thank you!


  1. Weee! I'm so excited to read your adventures!

    Pasalubong. :D

    1. Thank you so much! <3

      Of course! Napag-usapan na natin yan hihi



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