PHILIPPINES : Coron Island, Palawan

I've been to some real good places here in the Philippines, but this one is paradise. It is too good to be true. 
How to get to Coron Island?

Book a flight to Busuanga, and take a boat ride to your resort in Coron Island.

A little infromation about Busuanga and other islands: 

Calamianes Islands is a group of islands in Palawan. This includes Busuanga Island, Coron Island, Cuilion Island, Calauit Island, Malcapuya Island, Banana Island, and other minor islands. Busuanga Island is the largest Island among these islands, and also the town center of the province. You can find here the Mount Tapyas that has a cross on top. Many tourists and some locals climb 742 steps just to see the panoramic view of the islands.

Where to stay in Coron Island?

We stayed in Balinsasayaw resort for 3d/2n. We also celebrated my mom's birthday here. I would rate this resort as much as we enjoyed our stay in Coron Island - a perfect 10. The owner, Auntie Rose is very hospitable and caring towards her guest. When it's breakfast, lunch and dinner time, she assures that her guests enjoy the foods. The waiters are very attentive when we need them; they always refill our glass with water without calling them. Those kinds of services make us want to go back to their resort.

They have rooms for couples, and villas for the families. They also have cabanas and hammocks if you want to enjoy the scenery, relax or read a book while sipping your favorite fruit shake.

This resort also offers island tour package- we chose the Coron Island tour package. 

After getting off the boat, there are 100 + steps awaiting for you to climb. But everything is worth it when you see this beautiful scenery. This is where all the tourists and locals take their pictures. After picture taking, you have to go down for another 100+ steps to be able to see and swim at the Kayangan Lake. 

This is the famous Kayangan Lake in Coron Island.  It has a picturesque landscape, and  this view left me in awe - I can't believe that this kind of beauty still exists.  The water is so clear, you can definitely tell if it is really deep. You will be more amazed if you go further, and see what is actually under the water. Aside from the fishes, you will see the different rock formations underneath. Kayangan Lake is too deep to swim for kids, or even some of the adults - wearing a life vest is required. You will have a tour guide along with you, even when swimming.

As what our tour guide says, Barracuda Lake is named after the Barracuda fish itself because the rock formation underneath the lake is comparable to the teeth of a Barracuda fish - sharp and edgy. Barracuda lake is not safe for diving, and one must be cautious when swimming. The water in this lake is deeper than Kayangan Lake. 

It is best to go here if it's low tide. You can go under the rocks, and see the other side of the lake. Also,  this is what they call Twin Lagoon, this is where the Tubig Tabang meets Tubig Alat . That's the main reason why the water is blurry, also when you swim, you'll get this funny feeling that the water gets cold, and then suddenly it's not again. I was sort of...mystified. 

Banol beach is from the word "BAUL" because this is where the early civilians found a treasure chest. This beach is not big as you think; but you will surely enjoy the fine sand of the beach. 

This hot spring must be on your "to go list". After a long tiring day, you need of course to relax. This hot spring is divided into three heat levels from 28 C to 42 C. 

There are other islands you can explore like the Bulalacao Island tour,  and its destinations are Banana Island, Malcapuya Beach, and Bulog Beach. There are also designated for islands and areas at the open sea for the divers or tourists who wants to dive. 

All pictures and videos were taken by me. 


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