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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Bebeboy!  I am truly blessed that we are not that roller-coaster-kind-of-relationship, but instead a give-and-take-kind-of-love. Thank you for everything - alam mo yan. My dad once said, "Ang pag-ibig ay tinatapatan ng tunay na pag-ibig".  I heartily believed and agreed with him on that. Nothing in this world could be greater than our love for each other.  We must always be on each other's side. No matter how angry  I am at you, no matter how hard it is for me to try to give up my pride whenever we fight, it will always be us. I love you to infinity and beyond, Mahal. 

We celebrated our anniversary at Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater in SM Mall of Asia. It is a buffet restaurant which can cater up to 300 people in one sitting. They have different authentic Japanese foods to select from. In order for the customers to enjoy their dining, Banzai has different stations; from Tempura Station, to Ramen Station, to Sushi Station, and so on. Everything is according to what kind of Japanese cuisine they serve. Also, every weekend at about 7:30 in the evening, they have a 15 minute show that tells stories about the Geishas and Samurais, and the cooks also showcase their talents by flipping their kitchen utensils. They also have an art gallery where in you can wear costumes, and take pictures on their 3D walls.

I am in the sense of nostalgia since I've been missing Japan so much. There is something about their culture, especially their food that makes me want to go back. Thank God there is a Banzai buffet restaurant that has everything I am craving for. As we entered, I was astonished by the ambiance; the interior design is beyond flawless. I also enjoyed the food. We actually stayed there for 3 hours, and that is very unusual for us.

Of course, not every restaurant is a perfect 10. We were disappointed when we left the restaurant. The guy who seems to be "busy" at the reception didn't say anything like, "Thank you. Come again" -  not even a single word, and I know he saw us. Hence, the food and the restaurant itself is great.

(There are other stations rather than the photos above)




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